TMDA Management Team

Section 11 (4) of the Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Act, Cap 219 provides for establishment of the Management Team to advise the Director General on functions and management of TMDA. Based on the current structure and functions, the composition of TMDA Management Team is as follows:

Director General (DG) – Chairman.
The Office of Director General is now under Mr. Adam Mitangu Fimbo.

Mr. Adam Mitangu Fimbo is a Pharmacist holding MSc. degree in Clinical Trials from the University of London-U.K and MSc in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control from the University of Bradford-U.K. He attained his Bachelor degree of Pharmacy at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.

Director of Business Support (DBS) – Secretary
The Director of Business Support is now Mr. Chrispin Mesiaki Severe

Mr. Severe is a Pharmacist by Profession. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Service Marketing from University of Dar es Salaam. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma on Medicines Management in International Health and Diploma in Development Journalism ( from InWent Capacity Building Institute, Germany and Indian Institute of Mass Communication) respectively

Director of Medical Products Control (DMC) – Member.
The Director of Medical Products Control is currently Mr. Akida Msallah Khea.

Mr. Akida Msallah Khea is a Pharmacist holding MSc. degree in Pharmaceutical Technology from Kings College of the University of London. His first degree in Pharmacy was from Kursk State Medical University.

Director of Laboratory Services (DLS) – Member.
The Director of Laboratory Services is currently Dr. Danstan Hipolite Shewiyo.

Dr. Danstan Hipolite is a Pharmacist by profession. He holds a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences majoring in Drug Analysis and Quality Control from Ghent University, Belgium. He attained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science with a research on Analytical Methods Development and Validation from Free University of Brussel, Belgium.

Other members include:

Manager - Legal Services Unit (MLS).
The Legal Services Unit is now under Adv. Iskari Chotusinga Fute

TMDA Legal Service Unit provides in house legal services in accordance with the basic legal framework of TMDA establishment. These includes legal advisory services to the Director General and TMDA members, assisting in the formulation of Legal instruments on Medicines, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics control for which the Director-General is accountable for their safety, quality and effectiveness. The Unit publishes legal documents and maintains a list of national legislations, TMDA related cases and agreements for which TMDA is a party or has interests. The Unit handles and coordinates all litigations or disputes concerning safety, quality and effectiveness of Medicines, Medical Devices and Diagnostics.

Manager – Communication and Public Education Unit (MCPE).
The current Communication and Public Education Manager is Ms. Gaudensia Simwanza

TMDA corporate communication and Public education Unit is responsible for creating and maintaining TMDA brand, promote and protect public health through regulated products and strengthen services delivery to increase customer base. The Unit also encourages existing regulated stakeholders to stay loyal to TMDA regulatory brand through different channels such as social media, media relations, client events and advertising. The Unit also helps the management to keep other staff in the know about what’s going on by using newsletters, regular emails, awareness training and staff team-building events.

Manager – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Section.
The Information and Communication Technology Manager is currently Mr. Ambele Mwafula
Manager – Procurement Unit.
The Procurement Manager is now Mr. Anael Kaale
Chief Accountant.
The Unit of Finance and Accounting is currently under CPA. Paschal Makoye
Chief Internal Auditor.
The Unit of Internal Auditor is now under CPA Godian Ngamesha CFE

Internal Audit Unit of TMDA was established under the thrust of Regulation 28 of the Public Finance Regulation (2001) that requires, every Accounting Officer to establish an effective Internal Audit Function (also known as Internal Audit Activity).

The purpose, authority and responsibility of the Internal Audit Activity are defined in the formal document known as Internal Audit Charter, consistent with the Mission of Internal Audit and the mandatory elements of the International Professional Practices Framework (the Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics, the Standards, and the Definition of Internal Auditing).

The Mission of Internal Audit is to enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk based and objective assurance, advice and insight.

Thus, the Internal Audit Activity helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance processes, risk management and controls.

Zone Offices and Local Government Authority’s Coordinator (ZOLGAC).
The Zone Offices and Local Government Authority’s Coordinator is currently Dr. Henry Filemon Irunde

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