Service Delivery Survey Reports


The Authority is committed to maintain a high level of customer and other stakeholders’ satisfaction through excellence in service delivery. To achieve this customer and stakeholders’ feedback is important as it informs the Authority how it fairs in service delivery and the gaps in service delivery as perceived by stakeholders. Service Delivery Survey (SDS) is one of the ways that an organization can capture customers and other stakeholders’ feedback. It is from this fact that TMDA is dedicated to conducting periodic service delivery surveys.


The current, 2020 SDS is the fourth service delivery survey conducted by the Authority in collaboration with the University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS).

Overall objective of this survey was to examine the level of stakeholder’s satisfaction with services offered by TMDA and its predecessor TFDA. Specifically the survey was meant to provide information on areas where TMDA is doing well in service delivery and also highlight gaps in service delivery which need to be addressed so as to improve the level of customer satisfaction. Fourteen regions namely Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha, Mtwara, Mbeya, Njombe, Katavi, Manyara, Tabora, Dodoma, Mwanza, Arusha and Singida participated in the survey. Two districts were picked from each region making a total of 28 districts that participated in the survey. Data was collected from TMDA employees, households, permit and monitored customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in 28 districts. Structured questionnaires Focus Group Discussions and In-depth interviews were used to gather information from respondents. Key findings

The findings of the 2020 Service Delivery Survey indicate that;

  1. TMDA is rated by employees to be a good employer and by stakeholders to be serious regulator
  2. TMDA customer satisfaction index has increased. The achieved internal customer satisfaction index was 75% compared to 74% in 2014 while external customer satisfaction index is 80.4% as compared to 68% in 2014. Also, overall satisfaction index was higher in SDS in 2020 at 78% compare to 71% in 2014.
  3. TMDA renders high quality services to stakeholders. Customers have scored very high on TMDA employees on all attributes as well as on quality of services. TMDA has good organization image and reputation to both general public and customers.
  4. The general public is not aware of the move which transformed TFDA into TMDA. There is a need for public education and awareness to the general public and TMDA customers.
  5. TMDA adheres to service standards and promises made in CSC when delivering service to customers and other stakeholder
  6. Stakeholders are satisfied with services that TMDA renders to them.
  7. The online system for service delivery needs to be improved so as to remove hiccups in service delivery
  8. Employees are satisfied with overall TMDA working conditions. The calculated employee satisfaction index is 74.7%, rounded to 75%. However, TMDA should look into HR issues especially the scheme of service to make sure that all positions with respective job codes and responsibilities are fairly included also unclear promotion process.
  9. Inadequate resources especially human resources contribute to TMDA strategic performance gap Major recommendations
  10. TMDA should undertake a strategic review of its mode of operation and develop a new structure that will rationalize zone offices and the possibility to open offices at the regional level in remote areas.
  11. TMDA should consider having supporting facilities for disposal unfit products upon cost.
  12. There should be for management development programs to staff especially at managerial levels to improve their human and conceptual skills
  13. TMDA should put in place Customer Feedback Management system in order to capture both internal and external comments in decision making and planning
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