Client Service Charter

The National Industrialization Economic Agenda compels both public and private institutions to create a conducive and enabling business environment in Tanzania. Public institutions are required to set standards of service delivery to customers to meet their needs and expectations. Importantly and in line with the principles of good governance, such standards should be mutually agreed with clients and stakeholders to be served.

Following the African Public Service Charter signed by African Public Service Ministers in Windhoek Namibia in 2001, the Government through the President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance (PO PSMGG) adopted the concept of setting service standards through mutual agreement between service providers and customers.

Since then, this has been fundamental in laying down principles and guidelines for development and implementation of Clients Service Charters (CSC).

As for TMDA, the first CSC was developed and officiated in 2006 then revised in 2012, 2016 and currently 2020 in order to strengthen service delivery culture in line with technological growth and advancement.


  1. To clients
    1. To highligt the types of services provided by TMDA;
    2. To specifically the quality of service to receive from TMDA;
    3. To be sure with quality of services from TMDA;
    4. To be able to evaluate the performance of services rendered by TMDA and give feedback for the purpose of improving the services;
    5. To realize his/her contribution in the quality services provided by TMDA; and
    6. To be able to compare services provided by TMDA and other government institutions and give suggestions on how to improve where necessary.
    7. To realize value for money of the rendered services
  2. TMDA
    1. To realize its Vision and Mission
    2. To improve transparency on service delivery to the clients
    3. To improve work discipline and responsibility to services delivery;
    4. To strengthen relationship and communication between TMDA and its clients
    5. To build good reputation and image of the Authority to clients and other stakeholders and
    6. To evaluate the level of services delivery and make efforts for improvement where necessary;
  • Clients Service Charter, Ammended 4th Edition, 2023. Download
  • Clients Service Charter, 4th Edition, 2020. Download
  • Clients Service Charter, 3rd Edition, 2016 Download
  • Clients Service Charter, 2nd Edition, 2011. Download