Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section Profile


Mr. William Nkondokaya. Acting Manager, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The section is under the Directorate of Business Support and was established to provide expertise on planning, monitoring and evaluation to support provision of TMDA regulatory services. Click here for full organogram.

The Section provides planning, monitoring and evaluation services mainly to internal TMDA customers specifically Directorates, Units and Zone offices.

The functions of planning, monitoring and evaluation section:

  1. To develop Corporate and Business Plans, Strategies and Budgets;
  2. To develop planning and budgeting guidelines and procedures by taking into account Government planning and budgeting regulations;
  3. To develop TMDA institutional guidelines for preparation of project proposals;
  4. To coordinate development and implementation of institutional projects;
  5. To develop monitoring and evaluation (M&E) guidelines and tools;
  6. To conduct monitoring and evaluation of TMDA plans, programmes and projects;
  7. To monitor and evaluate strategic, business, work and action plans as per TMDA M&E frameworks;
  8. To observe and comply to the best planning practices including formation of relevant indicators;
  9. To serve as the Secretariat to TMDA Planning and Budget Committee;
  10. To receive and consolidate quarterly, mid-year and annual progress/performance reports from units, sections and directorates; and
  11. To monitor performance and advise the management on the same in respect to achievement of corporate plans and budgetary goals, use and control of resources, status, challenges and opportunities.