Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Inspection

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is the part of Quality Assurance that ensures the quality of the products is maintained through adequate control throughout the numerous activities which occur during the distribution process.

All medicines premises have to implement GDP for the purpose of ensuring that medicines which reach the consumers maintain the quality, safety and efficacy standards at release of the products by the manufacturer. Since this requirement is mandatory, TMDA conducts GDP inspections for all premises that manufacture, stocks and distributes medicines and the inspections aims to verify implementation of GDP requirements.

TMDA advises all owners of medicines premises to read carefully the Guidelines because it is a reference upon which inspectors make decision with regards to compliance of the respective premises to GDP requirements. Apart from compliance, owners of premises may benefit through its implementation by being able to offer quality services and products to their customers and ultimately satisfy their needs. Provision of quality services and products offers a competitive advantage to businesses or service providers.

However, based on the fact that the supply chain for the private and public sector (MSD, Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries) are different, GDP requirements of the public sectors sector may differ slightly from requirements stipulated in this website.

More details on GDP are found in the Guidelines for Business Licensing and Good Storage and Distribution Practices of Medicines. To see the Guidelines, Click here.