Tobacco Products

What are tobacco products

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  • All products containing or extracted from tobacco leaves that are intended for human use
  • Raw materials other than tobacco used in manufacturing a component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product are NOT tobacco products
  • Products containing nicotine or intended to deliver nicotine with the aim of facilitating treatment are NOT tobacco products

Types of tobacco products

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Smoking tobacco: cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hand rolling tobacco

Smokeless tobacco: chewing tobacco, sniffing tobacco and dissolvable tobacco

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes)


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The Authority is mandated to regulate the manufacturing, distribution, importation, exportation, marketing, promotion and sale of tobacco products:

All dealers in tobacco products are required to notify the Authority. For details on how to notify, refer to the section on Tobacco Product Notification Process

Why regulate tobacco products?

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To safeguard the public’s health and reduce tobacco related non communicable diseases by:

  • Ensuring that smokers are aware of the risks associated with smoking cigarettes and nicotine products;
  • Monitoring the exposure of information to children and teenagers;
  • Monitoring and treating addiction due to nicotine use; and
  • Implementing policies to limit the use of tobacco products.

Effects of tobacco products

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All tobacco products including e-cigarettes have long term and short-term impact our health as follows:

Short term effects:

  • Low energy levels & fatigue
  • Foul (bad) breath
  • Shortness of breath & coughing
  • Reduced sense of taste & smell

  • Increase risk of stroke, brain damage and heart disease
  • Increase risk of cancers of the respiratory system including nose, throat, tongue and lips
  • Permanent foul breath, teeth staining & decay

Tobacco Products Notification Process

Who is legally required to notify the Authority
  • Domestic manufacturers of any type of tobacco products
  • Tobacco product wholesalers
  • Importers of tobacco products
  • Distributors of tobacco products

Dealers in raw tobacco products who do not sell finished tobacco products, need NOT notify the Authority

How to notify the Authority
  • Fill in the Tobacco Product Notification Form available online and at all TMDA offices including zones
  • Submit the filled in form physically at TMDA offices or through the following email address:
  • There is NO fee for notification of tobacco products
When to notify the Authority
  • Notification can be initiated any time from 1st July 2021 to 1st January 2022