The Role of TMDA Corporate Communication and Public Education Unit

Manager – Communication and Public Education Unit (MCPE).
The current Communication and Public Education Manager is Ms. Gaudensia Simwanza

TMDA corporate communication and Public education Unit is responsible for creating and maintaining TMDA brand, promote and protect public health through regulated products and strengthen services delivery to increase customer base. The Unit also encourages existing regulated stakeholders to stay loyal to TMDA regulatory brand through different channels such as social media, media relations, client events and advertising. The Unit also helps the management to keep other staff in the know about what’s going on by using newsletters, regular emails, awareness training and staff team-building events.

The Unit is led by a manager who strategizes what methods of external and internal communication will work best for the Authority as well as implement the strategies chosen.

However, the specific functions of the Unit include:

  • Developing and implementing Communication and Customer Service Strategy often in conjunction with other sections.
  • Develop and maintain the good image of TMDA
  • Managing website and social media, including working with website developers, posting regular social media updates and engaging with people on social media channels.
  • Managing blogs, including creating a relevant editorial calendar, writing articles and working with freelancers to create content.
  • Developing, designing and running promotions, either on social media or at physical locations.
  • Holding an Authority’s events, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Outreach Campaigns, continuing education opportunities and networking mixers.
  • Overseeing media relations, including writing and distributing news releases, responding to media inquiries and maintaining a media kit about the Authority.
  • Public speaking, including representing the Authority in public settings and preparing executives or Director General to speak at events such as news conferences.
  • Managing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials, including brochures, newsletters and promotional materials like T-shirts, calendars, diaries, ball pens, wheel covers, caps, banners, mugs etc.
  • Develop, design and air different public education and advertising programs through print and electronic media like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs, etc
  • Managing communications crisis when an event threatens public safety or the Authority’s reputation.
  • Overseeing internal Authority’s communications, including announcements and awareness training.