TMDA laboratory receives and tests samples from both internal and external customers. Internal customers’ samples are received in the laboratory by the sample custodian and the associated information is received through Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Upon sample receipt, the sample custodian contacts the respective Laboratory Manager for carrying out review of the test request based on relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs).

With regards to external customers, they submit samples to the laboratory after which review of the test request is carried out with guidance from the respective Laboratory Manager. Upon agreement on the tests to be carried out, sample custodian fills in the sample details and associated information into the LIMS.

Alternatively, the external customer may communicate with the Laboratory Manager via emails and/or telephone and agree on required test parameters. Upon agreement, customer shall fill in, sign and submit the Test Request Form to TMDA laboratory along with the samples. To download the Test Request Form Click here.

Laboratory Manager then assigns the samples to analyst(s) who performs the test and reports the results accordingly; all these processes are carried out through the LIMS. Test results are checked by the Laboratory Manager who then prepares the Certificate of Analysis and submits it to Director Laboratory Services (DLS) for approval and release.

In the event that the laboratory are not able to carry out the analysis due to any reason, the customer shall be advised on the possibility of subcontracting the test work to other laboratories and the customer’s consent will be documented accordingly.

Costs for testing of various parameters of samples are stipulated in the Fees and Charges Regulations of 2015, available on the TMDA website (Click here).

Test Request Form Laboratory Fees and Charges