Electronic Submission of Adverse Drug Reactions




Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) contribute to public health problems and are major cause of death and hospitalization in developed countries. The paper-based ADR reporting system has been in practice in Tanzania since 1987. With the increasing popularity of using electronic gadgets the use of mobile technological systems like the electronic reporting system for ADR and the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) system is very crucial. These systems were introduced in the country to assist improve the number of ADR reported to the National Regulatory Authority from healthcare workers and consumers.

On-line – Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions

The online ADR reporting system employs android technology and therefore compatible with smartphones. The system has a web-based application which follows the E2B Guidelines from Uppsala Monitoring Centre. Its design allows for transferring of data into the global WHO database by uploading the XML file in the user’s Vigiflow page. The e-tool for ADR which was designed to facilitate reporting of ADR to Tanzania Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority was launched in October, 2016.

Please report on-line all the suspected Adverse Drug Reactions and Adverse Events Following Immunization through the link

Reporting of Adverse Drug Reaction by Text Message

Apart from the electronic reporting system for ADR, the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) system was also introduced in the country in the year 2018. Records from the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) shows majority of mobile phone users use the ordinary phones and therefore have access to USSD services.

Please send us a simple short text message to report any suspected Adverse Drug Reaction by just dialling *152*00# and follow the instructions