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Posted On: May 17, 2020
TMDA has secured land for constructing an incinerator in Kibaha

TMDA would like to notify its esteemed stakeholders that it has secured land in Kibaha area, Coast Region for construction of an incinerator. A state of the art incinerator will be built at this location through the financial assistance secured from the Global Fund. After completion, the facility will be used to incinerate substandard and falsified medical products, devices and diagnostics that would be confiscated and seized from the market or which would end their shelf life periods (expired).

It is TMDA’s responsibility to ensure that the public is well protected against any hazards of using such products. The move to initiate this project has been catalyzed by presence of very few incineration facilities in the country. The other reason is that all products regulated by TMDA are required to be destroyed by incineration and not any other method of disposal pursuant to requirements promulgated by the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC).

For more details on disposal procedure including recall of unfit products from the market please click here